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(A dog has one aim in life... to bestow his heart)

J.R. Ackeley

Some time ago we did not think that even the arrival of Lulu in our house could arouse so much love and esteem for these “creatures in miniature”, but with a great character from Leone.

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With the passage of time, our kennel  has evolved, we have subjects with excellent criterions and descendants by blood lines such as those with high pedigree.
We share the household level in our passion for the Miniature Pinscher looking to spend more time with them as possible and always make the highest level of our dogs.

The “devils” live with us, in a spacious and peaceful which makes them more sociable, involved and always at our side. The aim of our breeding: growth of sogetti balanced, with a good character and in good health.


A Big Small Dog.. Miniature Pinscher..

It is no coincidence that the nickname “The King of the dogs in miniature” is particularly appropriate in this fantastic race . There are many qualities that Miniature Pinscher is alert, funny , loving , lively, courageous , witty, and enthusiastic about everything that fa.E ‘ intelligent and learns very quickly. With the help of his immense love and knowing your weak points could manipulate as he would like , and this is only the owner assertive and confident will give him a positive and comprehensive training, without underestimating the primary socialization of the subjects as ensures a balanced and stable personality.
The Miniature Pinscher does not go unnoticed a rustle of leaves, at the slightest noise will be happy to report an alarm , and this is what makes it an effective guard dog, a guardian always watchful . The agility and reaction speed allow him to challenge an opponent even stronger and bigger than him having to use his trump card – a good grip and strong teeth.
Considering its small size , it is a dog very bold , curious and attentive . He loves exercise and has very high energy levels . You should make sure that it is in a protected area to play and stay , as being an explorer is very good at climbing . Affectionate , loves to be pampered and looked and does everything to attract attention.
It combines beautifully independence and attachment to the owner, asking us little but it gives us so much and is a great friend for both small as well as large .
His cheerfulness his courage and extreme attention and obedience leave few competitors among the other races.
A small dog with a big heart .. is one Miniature Pinscher.

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It ‘s a dog that bride in itself an extraordinary elegance with a robust physique and athletic. It has a compact design and an expression alert and curious. The ears can be bent or stretched giving it a softer appearance. The coat is short, dense and glossy. The coat colors are officially recognized for a deep black with tan or brown or red single color – red deer.
Height at the withers: Males and females aged between 25 and 30 cm.
Weight: Males and females: between 4 and 6 kg.


The Miniature Pinscher does not require a lot of care, a worsted and a occasional wipe with a damp cloth will keep the coat shiny and clean at all times.


Pedigreee Cv

  • Ispu Winner 2013
  • Top Dog 2013
  • Club Siger Champion 2013
  • World Junior Winner 2012
  • Italian Champion
  • Top Dog Junior 2012
  • Junior Italian Champion
  • Junior Winner of Italian Club Schnauzer & Pinscher 2012
  • Best Absolut Junior Male Trophy ” Giuliana Grippa” 2012
  • Junior Winner Beauty Trophy of Italian CIS&P 2012
  • Reproductor Selected AA

Pedigreee Cv

  • Ispu Winner 2013
  • Italian Champion
  • Champion of Sanmarino 2012
  • Junior Italian Champion
  • Selected AB

Pedigreee Cv

  • Junior Ispu Winner 2013
  • Junior Italian Champion

Pedigreee Cv

  • Champion of Sanmarino 2012
  • Junior Italian Champion
  • Selected AB

Pedigreee Cv

  • Junior Champion of Sanmarino
  • Selected AA

Pedigreee Cv

  • Italian Champion
  • Champion of Sanmarino 2012
  • Junior Italian Champion
  • Junior Ch. Speciality Show of Breed 2012
  • Selected AA

Pedigreee Cv


  • Litter 08/11/2013

    4 red females were born;

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  • Litter 24/11/2012

    3 red females and 1 male red were born;

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  • Internationale Schnauzer Pinscher Union – ISPU 2013

    Diamante Rosso di Kristianden ISPU Winner 2013 & BOB Luzitt di Kristianden Ispu Winner 2013 & BOS   Amely Perla Rossa Junior Ispu Winner 2013  …

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